Oxford 'Mini T' Disc Lock Review

Recently I decided to upgrade the security of my motorcycle a little and buy a disc lock.

I always find it quite hard to choose a lock when I'm shopping around for one because they all boast similar levels of toughness and reliability.  As it turns out, my other-half was also looking for one when he found this lock by Oxford listed on eBay at half price.  I just can't help myself when I see a good bargain!

My one was half price at £12 only because it had a teeny tiny patch of damp on the carry pouch. The other attraction about this lock is in the name - it's mini!  Super handy for fitting in my pocket for when I want to nip out on the bike without a bag.

The 'Mini T' normally retails at around £20 which I think is still a very reasonable price for a lock that is so small and convenient!

What kind of security do you have for your motorcycle when you're out and about? 
Do you take the risk with just your steering lock or always come well-prepared?