More leathers!

Yay! I just thought I'd share my joy at acquiring a new set of leathers!

I'm pretty pleased with these as I've never really found it comfortable zipping trousers to jackets and at least if I go sliding down the road in these and my jacket lifts, I'll still be intact around my waist (I hope).

I'll never forget seeing my friend's gruesome injuries to the waist after he managed to throw his motorcycle down the road and there's nothing like a bit of extra protective gear!

I literally LOVE getting new motorcycle gear (I might have a slight problem!)

Currently my crazy collection stands at:
  • 6 jackets 
  • 8 pairs of trousers 
  • 6 pairs of boots
  • 10 pairs of gloves
  • 3 helmets
  • 6 neck tubes
  • Various under clothes and waterproof socks

And the weirdest thing is, I didn't buy many of these at all. I forget where I acquire a lot of it from, but I think I get given a lot of gear and some of it belonged to my mum from her riding days. I suppose I'm quite lucky because some of it is pretty expensive these days. The only problem is, of course, storing it all. I mean leather trousers don't exactly fold up small!

What sort of motorcycle gear do you prefer? Leathers? Textiles? Kevlars?
I have some of each and I love it all as I ride all throughout the year in all weathers so I have something to suit each season.